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3 days till departure

I love window seats

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I fly to Israel in 3 days....eek! I am so nervous and excited at the same time. I just really hope that I do a good job, meet welcoming and nice people, have a good roommate, and more than anything that I make a good contribution to the work that I do when I'm there.
I have so much to do in so little time. I still have to run a few errands and finish packing. ugh...packing. Talk about annoying and frustrating. I hope that I don't forget anything.
On a lighter and happy note, I just finished checking my flight details and I managed to snag another window seat! yay! I love window seats! Can thank my brother for that one. When I logged in it showed that I was originally scheduled to be in the window seat by the wing, but in my opinion that's a horrible seat for someone like me who enjoys the view. Fortunately there was one more left that wasn't by the wing:) I love planes!
Looking out the window right now, it is a bit wild to think that in three days I'll be looking at different scenery. Very different from the suburbs of Toronto. Man, that just makes me think of all the work I still have to do. This is a much needed and welcome break.
Aside from packing, the past two days have mainly been spent saying my goodbyes to a few close friends. Goodbyes are always sad. Fortunately I will see the friends that I saw yesterday and the day before when I come back at the end of August. Four other close friends of mine are also travelling this summer. One is going to France, Holland, Germany (for World Cup<--yeah, I'm jealous!) and the Caribbean. The other three are leaving in August for an entire year, one of whom I've lived with for the past three years while at Uni. Unfortunately they will be leaving a week or two before I come back, so it'll be more than a year before I see either one of them. It will definitely be strange not seeing them for so long a period of time, seeing as I've known two of them since we were 8. Tonight we're supposed to have a movie night where we might watch movies like Now and Then and the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. Very Nostalgic and meant to make viewers long for elementary school days and sad about growing up. But that's goodbye for you. They generally tend to make people sad, especially if you know you won't see each other for a long time. Goodbye just sounds too final though, like you won't ever see them again. Hmmm, I think that as opposed to saying "goodbye" tonight before I leave, I'll say "see you later" instead:)

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A little over 2 weeks to go!

I just found out that everything is set and that in a little over two weeks I'll be in Israel! I'm so excited and yet a bit worried at the same time. I say worried because I still have so much to do and now I feel as though the clock has literally started ticking in my head. Hmmm...hopefully I'll actually manage to keep blogging. Either way it'll be a great experience. My first trip across the pond too! I've been to parts of Canada(of course),the US, Mexico & the Caribbean, but not beyond. Should make for an interesting summer:)

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